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NORSLO Draw Rod from Greenbrook is Fast and Flexible

Greenbrook has made it quicker and easier for electrical contractors to install electrical cabling in hard to reach spaces with the launch of its new Norslo Draw Rod system.

Designed as a flexible alternative to standard draw tape systems, the new Norslo Draw Rod is rigid enough to enable easy insertion into small and awkward cavities yet flexible enough to bend round corners. Fully re-useable, the system comes complete with four screw-in attachments which makes it quick and simple for the contractor to select the size and length of rod required for each individual installation. As a result, the contractor can push the cable all the way through to the end of the cavity without the need to attach a pull string.

Explains John Bowen from GreenBrook Electrical: “For electrical contractors, time really is money and this simple but effective device will help save time on even the most complex cable installations. Standard draw tape systems can be very fiddly, but the new Norslo Draw Rod system provides a fast and flexible solution that can be used time and time again.”


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