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Titan Launch New Multi-Purpose BACnet Controller

Titan Products are pleased to announce the launch of the new BACnet enabled CCM-204 Multi-Purpose temperature controller. The controller designed to offer complete control flexibility for ventilation and air conditioning systems.

With a vast array of inputs and outputs the advanced application specific controller can offer control strategies ranging from single stage heating or cooling to 3 stage heating, venting and cooling. The controller also offers other features such as fan control and CO2 priority on ventilation.

The CCM-204 Multi-Purpose controllers can be used stand alone, as part of a master / slave group or part of a Building Management System via the inbuilt Native BACnet MS/TP communications.

The controllers are available with an inbuilt display with a graphical illustration of the control. Alternatively a Remote Digital Room Unit (RDU-4) is available to allow occupants to set individual comfort conditions.

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