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Megger Pinpoints Cable Faults with Accuracy and Ease

mpp pinpointerFast, convenient and reliable location of faults on underground power cables is offered by the new MPP2000 pinpointer from Megger.

This compact handheld instrument, which is supplied with a lightweight combined microphone and electromagnetic probe, incorporates a large backlit colour display that not only shows magnetic and acoustic signal levels but also the relative distance and direction to the fault.

Used in conjunction with a high voltage surge generator to create a flashover at the point of the fault, the pinpointer detects both the electromagnetic and acoustic signals produced by the flashover. The instrument evaluates the time difference between these signals and uses this to determine the relative distance to the fault, thereby eliminating the misleading results that are often produced instruments that rely on signal strength alone.

The MPP2000 pinpointer incorporates two electromagnetic signal level indicators, allowing it to provide information not only about the direction to the fault, but also the actual route of the cable. Also provided is a bright LED indicator that gives instant confirmation that an electromagnetic signal has been detected, even if there is no acoustic signal present.

To ensure reliable operation even in the most difficult applications, the MPP2000 uses a lightweight ground microphone with an integral windshield, and it is supplied with headphones. User adjustable bandpass filtering is also provided for enhanced background noise suppression.

The new MPP2000 pinpointer from Megger has an operating temperature range of -20ºC to +50ºC and is housed in a lightweight ergonomic case with an IP54 protection rating, making it suitable for use outdoors in even the most demanding of weather conditions. An adjustable neck strap allows it to be easily carried hands free.

The combined electromagnetic probe and ground microphone supplied with the instrument is also lightweight yet robust, and can be disassembled for easy transportation and storage.


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