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New KNX Thermostat For Ambient Temperature Control

Now available from KNX UK Association member IMP, the Vimar KNX thermostat is designed for ambient temperature control within heating and air-conditioning applications.

It has the facility to interact with other thermostats and with a supervision centre such as a PC in the reception or plant area of a building.  The thermostat can manage two temperature zones completely independently and can control the operation of the heating/air-conditioning systems based on the average of the temperature values measured by the thermostat's temperature sensors

The thermostat is provided with a programmable relay that can be used for generic applications such as switching on light, closing zone solenoid valve or activating an electric towel heater.  It also has a programmable digital input that can be used for applications such as, detecting an open window.  Using the thermostat’s front buttons, it is possible to set: the temperature set-point in a room and control the speed of the fan-coil.  

The device is available in white or grey finishes and has an operational temperature range of -5 °C - +45 °C indoors and a reading accuracy: ±0.5 °C between 15 °C and 30 °C and ±0.8 °C at its operational extremes.  The user, by means of the front buttons, will be able to change the temperature set point and the speed of the fan-coil.

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