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MS Electronics Introduce New Range of Energy Efficient Programmable Extension Timers

MS Electronics, the Essex-based electronics design company who manufacture their range of energy savings controls, is fast gaining a reputation for bringing innovative design solutions to the energy market. No more so than the newly-launched additions to their family of Programmable Extension Timers (PETs).

With a mission to deliver controls that will effectively manage their customers’ energy use for the benefit of the environment and their bottom line, the latest MSE PETs deliver greater efficiency and increased usability.  They deliver all the standard specifications you would expect from an extension timer (extending normal run times and user absent overrides) with the added benefit of full numerical LED displays to increase accuracy of the on time durations and the provision of an adjustable delay function on the E313 and E314 timers also eliminates the requirement for two separate units.

“We are really excited about our new extension timers as they increase usability for our customers while delivering greater efficiency – saving energy and money” explains Mary Burke, MSE’s dynamic young director.

“We have also advanced our design to include a programmable delay period enabling plant equipment to be automatically activated at the desired time in the future without any user being present.  This additional functionality delivers greater efficiencies when controlling systems with extension timers, as previously two separate units would have to be wired in sequence to incorporate a delay period - now with the launch of the E314 and the E313 only one unit is required.”

All units are also provided with a tamperproof functionality which allows the installer or authorised user to set a maximum extension duration.  Again this delivers greater efficiencies and cost savings by ensuring that extension periods are not inefficiently used.

The entire range is easy to install and user friendly through the provision of simple yet powerful control of devices when they are unmanned or require a temporary override to their regular control schedule. The range consists of:

Provides an adjustable "Delay" period from 0 to 99 hours and an "Extension" period from 1 to 9 hours. The unit also provides the functionality to pre-set a maximum "Extension" period at hourly intervals. Each Timer can switch a load of up to 10A via a voltage-free relay output.  Provided with an aluminium faceplate for mounting directly onto a control panel.

Provides all the features and functionality of the E313, but is conveniently provided in a single gang faceplate for easy mounting on walls in offices, plant rooms, meeting rooms, shops etc.

Provides an adjustable Extension period of 1 to 99 hours, but unlike the E314 does not provide the functionality to programme a delay.  The E315 is offered with 5 standard maximum extension periods 9, 12, 24, 48 and 99 hours.  

In addition to the above, MS Electronics offer a free customisation service and can accommodate any time periods clients may require from 1 minute to 99 hours.  

Ideally suited to schools, sports halls, offices, meeting rooms, shops, community centres, churches, theatres, changing rooms, security lighting, floodlights and any infrequently used areas and zones.

Wall mounted versions are housed in a single-gang British Standard faceplate form factor.

MS Electronics

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