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Nittan’s Evolution Fire Detection Supported by New Advances Electronics Mx-5000N Control Panel

Nittan Europe, one of the leading companies in the European fire protection industry, is pleased to announce that its Evolution fire detection range is now supported by Advanced Electronics Mx-5100N single loop control panel.  This is the first in a full series of Mx-5000N panels to be introduced.

Mx-5000N is the next generation of analogue addressable fire alarm control panels that are fully compliant with EN54 part 2, 4 and 13.  The panels have been designed to be flexible and powerful with an intuitive user interface featuring a high resolution LCD display and tactile keypad.

The Mx-5100N, the first in a full Mx-5000N series of Evolution compatible panels, comes complete with a single loop driver card, two on board sounder circuits, 20 programmable zonal LEDs and four dedicated programmable push buttons.  It is compatible with the full Evolution range available exclusively from Nittan.

Evolution is the latest advanced, premium fire system developed by Nittan.  Evolution uses ASIC technology in the sensors and sophisticated detection algorithms, combining extremely reliable fire detection together with a very high degree of protection against unwanted false alarms.  It’s advanced, highly flexible protocol, is not only uniquely resistant to noise, but also allows for substantial amounts of information to be transmitted at high speed.

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