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Taktis... Virtual Fire Safety Management

Taktis is a revolutionary new concept in Life Safety System Management. Beyond its capabilities, as a very powerful and sophisticated fire detection and alarm system that is elegantly simple to use and understand, Taktis is designed to deliver a wide range of other control and indication applications, with seamless integration to a building's management system.

Taktis Fire is an all-new range of networkable, market leading Fire Control panels ranging from 2 loops to 16 loops with a touch-screen, full colour Graphical LCD for fire detection, system monitoring and platform configuration.

Taktis Vision is a versatile range of configurable touch-screen annunciator panels for system status indication of functions , such as sprinkler indicators and lift alarms.

Taktis Virtual Resource is a comprehensive suite of software based tools that provide a complete systems management environment to drive efficiency savings through service management, allowing detailed data to be collected from connected fire alarm systems and stored for later analysis, while also demonstrating traceability of documentation and driving efficiency savings through service management.

Remote access and management, with intelligent analysis of collected data, allow Taktis users to realise many extensive networking applications, with direct integration into intelligent buildings and remote systems interrogation via the user's preferred channels, fully exploiting the power of the Internet and GSM, including instant messaging to any number of email or SMS recipients.

Taktis has been designed to add value to System Designer, Integrator, Service Provider and the end user. Developed from the 'ground up' by one of the industries' leading design teams and using some of the most advanced technology available, Taktis is powerful, intelligent and technically robust.

Not only do the products and services offered under the Taktis brand provide solutions to the most technically challenging applications in life safety, Taktis will deliver added value, market advantage and a competitive edge to businesses.



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