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Dimplex Launches Quantum - The Future Of Electric Heating

Dimplex is set to change the way we think about electric heating with the launch of the Quantum Energy System, a complete ‘smart’ space and water heating energy management system offering low cost, low carbon electric heating and hot water.

The Quantum Energy System has been purpose-designed to enable low cost zero carbon energy from renewable sources to be stored as heat, ready for when it’s needed in the form of highly controllable electric space and water heating. For the first time ever, the householder can enjoy all of the benefits of electric heating with costs comparable to gas.

Developed in conjunction with SSE, the Quantum Energy System consists of three elements: the Quantum ultra-efficient electric heater - a unique, fully electronic highly controllable ‘smart’ energy storage appliance; the Quantum hot water cylinder - a class-leading self-learning adaptive smart energy storage water vessel; and the Quantum Hub - an intelligent and completely automatic system manager, which facilitates the bi-directional communication between the Quantum appliances and the energy supply utility.

Ian Marchant, chief executive of SSE, says: “Quantum is not just a major advance in electric heating with excellent comfort, control and efficiency, it takes us into a new era of ‘smart heat’ too”.

Stuart Mackenzie, Dimplex’s managing director, says: “Ecobuild 2012 has been a great launch platform for Quantum, and the system was received very enthusiastically by developers, social housing providers and local authorities alike. We now look forward to continuing this productive collaboration with SSE.”

The Quantum heater has been designed to retain over 50% of heat 24 hours after the initial charge and it achieves this by using insulation with a thermal conductivity which is so low that it is almost down to the lowest theoretically possible figure according to the laws of physics. It also features dynamic storage capacity to automatically adjust input and output to user requirements. This means it can as closely match a user-set room temperature over a 24 hour period as a conventional panel convector heater, and it is infinitely controllable, thanks to a user-friendly electronic interface with LCD display.

The Quantum cylinder provides an economical, low maintenance, mains pressure hot water supply and incorporates innovative energy-saving design features to maximise energy efficiency, including a class-leading black insulation outer, made from recycled materials. Available in vented or unvented models, the cylinder offers advanced control with unique intuitive user feedback on hot water availability.

The Quantum Hub is the key to being able to connect the heater and cylinder to one permanently live electrical circuit. Pre-set with no requirement for user input, it works seamlessly with the grid, ensuring that the appliances only take a charge during the off peak period, communicating wirelessly with each appliance.

The whole of the innovative Quantum Energy System is future-proofed, able to fully support upcoming changes in the way that energy is supplied. In addition to the many benefits for users, it works with the UK’s energy infrastructure in a way never before possible, allowing better use of variable renewable technologies such as wind, helping with Demand Side Management, and facilitating grid balancing at scale for improved efficiencies nationwide.

For more information on the Quantum Energy System, please visit http://www.quantumheating.co.uk


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