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New Open-Area Voice Sounder and Sounder Beacon Introduced to Discovery® Voice Range

Open-Area Voice SounderApollo Fire Detectors has introduced an Open-Area Voice Sounder and Sounder Beacon to its Discovery Voice product range, they are designed to provide clear instructional messages within a fire system, offering six distinct messages and seven volume levels.

The devices can be used in applications to ease confusion for the public, instructing them in a concise and intelligible manner on what emergency action should be taken in case of a fire.

Both products offer high volume and enhanced capability of up to 15 tone/message pairs, which reduces the risk of audible alarms being ignored.

Richard Bramham, Marketing Director for Apollo, explains: “With the pressure of modern lifestyles and the constant changing of fire regulations, voice sounders are becoming increasingly common. This is particularly the case for public buildings, tourist attractions and shopping centres, where visitors are likely to be unaware of the specific fire signals.”

The new products, which only operate with the Discovery protocol, offer a number of practical benefits including:
• 6 messages and 7 volume levels
• Software-defined group addressing with up to 16 group addresses
• Alarm switching by individual device, by group address or of all devices on loop
• Independent control of sounder and beacon
• Isolator status information
• Set-up and testing of devices at point of installation
• Optional noise pollution feature; automatically silences after 20 minutes
• Class change bell tone
• Red or white options


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