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RESitech a New Range of Affordable​, Profession​al Residentia​l Smoke Detectors

Leading fire detection specialists, Channel Safety Systems, has introduced the new RESitech range of smoke detectors, designed for residential homes, small commercial premises and houses of multiple occupation.

Manufactured by experts with over 35 years’ experience, RESitech is designed to be cohesive, easy to install and to meet relevant legal requirements in fire safety for residential properties.  The RESitech range consists of an array of different alarm detection options including: optical smoke, ionisation smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, and a wireless base.  With mains-interlinked and wireless options, RESitech combines an ergonomic modern design with leading edge functionality that has been built to UK and European standards.

These five key products offer the contractor a professional, technical alternative to existing products in the market:

The mains interlinkable optical smoke alarm is highly effective at detecting smouldering fires in areas such as living and dining rooms, hallways and landings.  In addition, the mains interlinkable ionisation smoke alarm is designed to be used within bedrooms, as these alarms are more effective at detecting flaming fires caused by highly flammable materials such as paper, clothing or bedding.

Heat alarms should be used where normal smoke detection might result in nuisance alarms due to high levels of smoke, fumes or dust. The RESitech mains interlinkable heat alarm is designed to be used within kitchens, basements, boiler rooms, attics and garages.

Residential properties can also be protected from carbon monoxide with the new RESitech CO alarm.  Designed to be used in kitchens, utility/boiler rooms and next to solid fuel burners (to meet legal requirements), this alarm provides peace of mind from the colourless and odourless gas.

To complement the range, Channel has also developed a wireless base for use with the RESitech range of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms. The wireless base transmits a radio frequency (RF) alarm signal when the attached unit senses smoke/heat/CO (whichever is appropriate). When it receives a radio alarm signal from another RESitech alarm (which also uses the wireless base), the attached alarm will also sound.
All of the products in the RESitech range include a quick fix mounting bracket for ease of installation, low-battery and missing battery warning indicator.  The ionisation, optical and carbon monoxide alarms also have an extra loud alarm sound over 85dB for added security.

Including both wireless and hard-wired alarms, the range provides full flexibility for the contractor.  Each wired solution is mains interlinkable with up to 20 units, and each wireless solution should be used with the RESitech wireless base to enable wireless connectivity with also up to 20 units.

Peter Mazalon, Channel Safety Systems’ Managing Director said, “With RESitech we are aiming to meet the needs of residential properties by providing an affordable yet effective quality solution to the various smoke and fume dangers.  By fitting RESitech, contractors and customers will have the confidence that the product is effective and suitable for the installation, but at the same time is easy and simple to fit.”

The RESitech range is the latest addition from Channel Safety Systems, adding to their extensive product portfolio of fire detection systems, emergency lighting solutions and disability assistance products.  Channel’s accreditations include BAFE, FIA and CHAS, which means contractors can be sure they are installing products fit for purpose.

Channel Safety Systems

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