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New Shortform Specification Guide for Flexible Conduit Systems

Flexicon has produced a shortform specification guide that makes it easier for customers to select the correct flexible conduit and fittings for their application.

The guide features Flexicon’s most popular metallic and non-metallic flexible conduit systems. It unfolds from A4 so that specifiers can clearly select the correct fitting to match the desired flexible conduit, for both metallic and non-metallic systems. It also details the part numbers to help eliminate the risk of incorrect ordering.

Recognising that sometimes customers can have too much choice, Marketing Manager, Colin Legg said, “Selecting which system to use involves conducting a risk assessment of hazards likely to be faced by the cabling.

With this in mind we have designed this guide to be as simple to use as possible. Each conduit and fitting has a clear description of its properties and an indication of what applications it may be used for.

“For each size of conduit you can also quickly and easily find the corresponding available fittings to create your system, complete with part number information.”  

A full product guide to Flexicon’s range is also available which details the 47 different conduit systems Flexicon can offer.


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