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Next Generation Doorbells Now Available From Honeywell

Honeywell doorbellsEasy-to-install, design-led doorbells give control back to end users

Honeywell, one of the world’s leading providers of technology for the home, including heating controls, smart home technology, as well as security and door entry, has launched a new range of wireless and wired doorbells which communicate using both sound and light, pushing the boundaries of innovation for the 21st Century home.

The doorbells help end users take control of how and when they are alerted that someone is at their door, ensuring they never miss a delivery and are not unnecessarily disturbed.

Honeywell doorbells represent the next generation in technology for the home – intuitive design and flexibility in the doorbells adapt to suit any home. The new, easy-to-install doorbells are compact in size and their stunning design seamlessly fits in with any décor.

Nadine Deery, Channel Marketing Manager says: “By combining Friedland’s 60 year heritage of creating the best doorbells in the world with Honeywell’s expertise and track record in innovation, we’ve designed a range of truly revolutionary wireless and wired doorbells from the ground up that are not only stunning and incredibly reliable, but also change the definition of what a doorbell is capable of”

Honeywell doorbells grow with the user, adapting to their home, family and lifestyle through a range of clever, customisable features; giving the user control over how they want to use them. Families can choose from up to eight melody alert options and are able to customise their own melodies.

Additionally, Honeywell’s doorbells provide peace of mind. For example, by quickly pressing on the doorbell push button three times, the secret knock function plays a different melody to notify if a family member or friend is at the door.

The doorbells are offered in three ranges, Series 3, 5 and 9. They also come with an optional screw-free installation. Additionally, doorbells come with with the option to convert an existing wired doorbell system into a wireless system, with the purchase of a converter; ideal for retrofitting older buildings or flats.

•    Series 3: The best in simple and efficient doorbell kits that can be set up in minutes. A hassle-free, reliable doorbell with a choice of 4 high quality melodies, USB charging, halo light and LED strobe visual alerts and a two year guarantee.

•    Series 5: A designer doorbell that blends seamlessly into any home. Compact and chic this doorbell is bursting with amazing features including a nightlight mode, wireless range of up to 150 meters and fantastic sound quality. The doorbells are available as portables, plug-ins, or both, and suit every home and family.

•    Series 9: Never miss a visitor again with doorbells that include an outstanding 200m wireless range, supported by Honeywell ActivLink technology, for total peace of mind. The Honeywell range extender option widens the wireless range to 400m and families have a choice of up to eight melodies with customisation options and up to five years of battery life.

“We’ve gone to great lengths to develop a doorbell that our users can rely on and that ultimately makes their lives easier. Honeywell ‘s ActivLink™ technology, using the 868MHz frequency, is an innovative wireless protocol which delivers 20 percent wider range, 20 percent improved battery life and a consistent connection with no interference, making these doorbells our most efficient and reliable yet“, Nadine Deery says.

Honeywell’s doorbell kits come with up to 5 years battery life, for peace of mind, and a two year product guarantee. For more information please visit:


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