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MK Electric Extends its Portfolio with New High Powered Dimmer

The high powered dimmer, which features 1,000W dimming output per unit or up to 3,000W when using Masters and Slaves, is particularly valuable for larger-sized commercial properties that have more substantial lighting loads.

The new product can control up to two Slaves per Master and provides rotary control when using a 1-10v control unit. It incorporates the full range of functions including: automatic load detection with a universal dimmer; the ability to dim electronic or wirewound transformers with both leading and trailing edge dimmers; lighting scene control with adjustable pre-set scene levels; a staircase lighting function with or without switch-off warning; and a push button dimmer control with memory.

Jason Ng, marketing communications specialist for MK Electric, said: “As with all of our solutions, the high powered dimmer reflects MK’s brand standards of quality, reliability, safety and responsibility.”

The high powered dimmer is manufactured to ISO 9002 certification with each product undergoing 100 percent electrical and visual testing to ensure reliability and safety.

MK’s high powered dimmer switch comes with a two-year guarantee.

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