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MK Electric transforms MK astral™ Range with New Energy-saving Capabilities

MK AstralMK Electric has significantly enhanced its MK astral™ product range, strengthening its energy efficiency and security proposition. MK astral™ – an easy-to-install, cost-effective and reliable wireless control system – now includes a Smart Interface which allows users to control the system via the simplicity and intuitiveness of the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with a new application which is free to download.

A command can be sent from an iPhone or iPad using a Wi-Fi network; the Smart Interface then translates this command into Z-Wave, which is the main language used by MK astral™ to communicate.

Due to the presence of a RS232 port, the addition of the Smart Interface also allows for MK astral™ to be integrated into and operate as part of a wider home automation system with security, climate control, home entertainment and other capabilities.

Plus, the enhancements allow users to control the MK astral™ system not just from anywhere in the home, but anywhere in the world. Those travelling abroad can still dim the household’s lights, raise or lower the blinds, or activate saved ‘Scenarios’ from anywhere in the globe using the remote activation features. This not only reduces unnecessary energy expenditure, but also ensures the house appears lived-in at all times.

In addition to this increased control, MK astral™ now also offers a 1 and 2 Gang LED and fluorescent dimmer, creating a more energy-efficient lighting solution. The new dimmer modules are connected to a 1 – 10 volt analogue ballast, which in turn is wired to the lighting circuit. Dimming control of lighting via this method is regulated by IEC standards, as such this gives a more consistent dimming performance over lamps that have integral drivers, as these can be easily connected to controls that they are not optimised for.

Jason Ng, Marketing and Communications Specialist for MK Electric, said: “This range has the ‘wow factor’. For customers looking for a reputable and easy-to-install home automation system the ease of control is often the biggest attraction, however the biggest unforeseen tangible benefits are the energy savings and lower electricity bills. The ability to control whole areas of the house with one button or use a simple PIR device to turn on the lighting only when needed can generate savings much higher than expected. We’re also very pleased to now provide reliable dimming capability for both fluorescent and LED lamps which really speaks volumes about the energy-efficient capabilities MK astral™ seeks to offer its users.”

All MK astral™ products fit a 35mm British Standard back box, have familiar electrical connections for rapid installation and are compatible with standard incandescent, LED, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps.

MK astral™ products are available in eight standard finishes, providing an end product to suit all project requirements. In addition, MK’s Design Service Team can match any of the other finishes in MK’s existing ranges.

For more information please visit MK Electric’s new MK astral™ website

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