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MK Electric’s Prestige 3D Aluminium Delivers Robust Cable Management Solution

MK Electric, the UK’s leading manufacturer of wiring devices and accessories, is launching its Prestige 3D range of three-compartment trunking in aluminium to satisfy the demand for robust yet aesthetically-pleasing cable management.

Prestige 3D Aluminium combines the strength of the metal with gently curved aesthetics to provide a total physical and visual integration with other furnishings. Offering a more robust system and versatility to have either aluminium fittings or PVC fittings, the range is ideally suited to commercial offices, educational facilities and laboratory applications.  

The new trunking, which is available in both dado and skirting profiles, is manufactured from high precision extruded aluminium and offers a greater depth to cater for Cat 5e, 6 and 7 structured cabling. With the aluminium-PVC hybrid, the robustness of aluminium combines with flexibility of PVC in the bends allowing these cables to be wired more easily.

With pre-drilled bases and hinged lids the system is designed specifically for ease of installation, offering pre-punched oval holes at 100mm intervals, ensuring no drilling is required for wall fitting. Wiring is also made easier with 50mmx21mm knockouts at 100mm intervals along compartment dividers, providing instant access to mounting boxes without drilling or cutting.

Adding to ease of installation, being aluminium, the trunking is corrosion-resistant, lightweight and easy to cut onsite. Aluminium is also fire-resistant and will not emit smoke or toxic gases.

Jason Ng, marketing communications specialist for MK Electric, said: “This product is exciting for a number of reasons. Its metallic nature and strength give it the ability to shrug off damage very robustly, plus at the end of its long life, aluminium can be recycled helping companies to meet their green credentials.

“Just as importantly, its features are designed to allow for a quick installation, driving efficiency and therefore higher profit margins for contractors.”

The product range comes with a ten-year guarantee and is available in the UK from October 2011.


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