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Megger Boosts Oil Test Set Versatility

OTS PB test setMegger has further increased the versatility of its latest OTS PB and OTS AF oil test sets by adding support for withstand testing.

This extra functionality, which will be included as standard with all new instruments, complements the existing features that have made this range so popular, including ease of use, ease of cleaning, positive adjustment of electrode spacing, and the ability to test oil samples with volumes as small as 150 ml.

While withstand testing for insulating oils and fluids is no longer included in major national and international standards, many users find this test useful, as it is fast and easy to perform. It is also required by some in-house standards and, where historic withstand data is available for the asset under test, it yields new measurements that can be directly compared with and trended alongside the older results.

OTS AF oil test setWithstand testing is now offered by all five oil test sets in the current Megger range: the OTS60PB and OTS80PB, which are 60 kV and 80 kV models well-suited for use in the field, and the OTS60AF, OTS80AF and OTS100AF, which are 60 kV, 80 kV and 100 kV models optimised for use in the laboratory.

All of these test sets are suitable for use with mineral, silicon, high molecular weight hydrocarbon (HMWH) and ester – both synthetic and natural – insulating liquids. Sample volumes of 400 ml and 150 ml can be accommodated, depending on the type of test vessel used.

The test sets offer a choice of fully automatic operation with preloaded international test standards or user-configured test sequences to suit special requirements. The user interface is highly intuitive and results are shown on a bright colour display that is easy to read even in direct sunlight.

As an aid to making accurate and repeatable measurements, all current Megger OTS test sets incorporate a precision adjusting system for electrode spacing, which has a locking facility to ensure that the spacing cannot be accidentally altered during testing. An ultra-fast trip detection circuit with direct measurement of both voltage and current is provided, and the instruments also include facilities for measuring the temperature of the test sample.


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