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Power Quality Analysis Made Easy With The New Megger MPQ1000

megger pqaThe new MPQ1000 three-phase power quality analyser from Megger combines an exceptionally wide range of functions with automatic features that make it easy even for inexperienced users to obtain accurate and reliable results.

Designed primarily to meet the needs of electrical contractors, the MPQ1000 is a compact handheld instrument with an integral colour display that offers both oscilloscope and DMM (digital multimeter) operating modes.

To ensure that it can deliver results that conform with standards such as IEC 50160 and Engineering Recommendation G5/4, the MPQ1000 provides Class A accuracy on all of the parameters it measures. These parameters include RMS voltage and current, demand data, phase angle, total harmonic distortion, total demand distortion, transients down to 1µS, unbalance, flicker and many more. Parameters can be monitored and viewed in real time, or recorded for later analysis using the instrument’s large internal memory.

A key feature is that analysis of recorded data can be carried out by the instrument itself, allowing results to be examined before leaving the site. If required, the data can also be transferred to a PC for archiving or for more detailed analysis with Megger’s powerful PQ power quality analysis software.

For maximum ease of use and to guarantee dependable results, the innovative MPQ1000 offers automatic CT recognition and automatic connection verification, which guards against failed recordings. Other important features include easy memory expansion with standard SD cards to extend recording time and capacity, and the ability measure up to 1,000 V AC and DC without the need for additional equipment, which is particularly useful when working on renewable energy systems.

The Megger MPQ1000 handheld power quality analyser has four voltage and four current inputs. It can be powered either from a 120/240 V mains supply, or from an internal NiMH battery pack that gives up to eight hours of continuous operation when fully charged. The instrument features robust construction and has an IP54 ingress protection rating. It has a CAT IV 600 V safety rating in line with IEC 61010, which makes it suitable for use on all areas of low-voltage electrical installations.


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