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Megger Lends A Helping Hand To Surrey Fire And Rescue Service

pat150Portable test equipment expert Megger UK has recently provided Surrey Fire and Rescue Service with two instruments to help detect electrical problems before they become dangerous and potentially lead to fires.

The instruments, a PAT150R portable appliance tester and an AVO210 multimeter, were needed by the service particularly to help with its work in protecting vulnerable adults and children from domestic hazards.
Watch Commander Paul Risbridger got in touch with Megger to ask for support and advice on what would be the most suitable equipment to support the busy day-to-day activities of the Surrey Fire and Rescue Service based out of Reigate.
“We provide fire investigation services at live fire scenes, but we are also involved in community risk reduction for vulnerable adults in the form of home fire safety and general safe and well checks”, explained Paul Risbridger. “We do this by visiting homes and conducting smoke and / or carbon monoxide alarm testing and fitting, and conduct a series of fire safety questions and checks. Through this work we often come across items that may present a fire risk and electrical testing will provide us with the safety status of these items. We also offer advice with product recalls and advise owners about electrical safety.”
“Pinpointing risks and issues with electrical equipment can prove challenging at times, either at a fire scene or in a persons home which is why we needed dependable test instruments. The Megger engineers assessed our requirements and, after spending a day on site with us they recommended the PAT150R portable tester and an AVO210 multimeter. Both are extremely easy to use as well as being tough and reliable – we couldn’t be happier with them!”
The PAT150 hand-held tester offers mains-powered leakage testing as well as live-circuit measurement for testing the mains supply, verifying socket polarity and measuring voltages up to 300 V ac. When necessary, users can quickly and easily adjust test group pass limits and test durations to suit special requirements, and the resistance of the bonding leads can be nulled to minimise measurement errors.
avo210The AVO210 multimeter from Megger provides facilities for measuring AC and DC voltage and currents as well as resistance, frequency and capacitance. It also has a continuity function with a fast-reaction sounder, and a non-contact voltage-sensing feature that is invaluable when tracing cable runs.
The AVO210 incorporates a compact yet robust case with handgrips at both sides. Together with a carefully positioned function-select switch, this means that the instrument can be easily used with one hand, a feature that maximises user convenience in many testing situations.

Both the PAT150R and the AVO210 benefit from simple, intuitive user interfaces that make constant reference to the user guide unnecessary.

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