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Safe and Certain Identification of Power Cables from Megger

Cable identificationWith the latest CI cable identification system from Megger, reliable identification of low-voltage power cables – and de-energised high-voltage cables – is now a fast and straightforward task.

The system injects current pulses of up to 100 A into the cable and detects them using a sophisticated receiver that verifies multiple parameters of the received pulse. This guards against the false indications that can be experienced with identification systems that rely on audio-frequency injection.

Correctly identifying cables in power networks before cutting or splicing them is essential, both for safety and for the avoidance of costly and disruptive power outages. Developed specifically for this application, the Megger CI system is compact, inexpensive, dependable and easy to use.

For de-energised cables, a small portable transmitter box which generates sawtooth current pulses of up to 100 A is directly connected to the cable under investigation. The handheld receiver, in conjunction with a 230 mm diameter flexible clamp supplied with the instrument, is then used to positively identify the cable at points remote from the connection of the transmitter.

Cable testingThe receiver evaluates the shape, polarity, amplitude and frequency of the received pulse to ensure reliable cable identification, even if interference is present. The results are displayed on a clear LED display that indicates both the polarity and the amplitude of the received pulse.

As well as the transmitter for use with de-energised cables, Megger’s CI range also includes transmitter modules that can be used with energised cables and for the identification of phases in cables that are being used in TT and IT installations. These transmitter modules have a CAT IV 600 V safety rating.

The receiver, which is used with all types of transmitter module, is powered from standard AA batteries, while the transmitter for use with de-energised cables has an internal rechargeable battery that provides four hours testing time when fully charged. The transmitters for use with energised cables and for phase identification are mains powered.

Megger offers its cable identification as the CI set for working on de-energised cables, the LCI set for working on energised cables, and a combined CI/LCI set which contains everything needed for working on both de-energised and energised cables. The LCI TX 440 transmitter for phase identification is supplied as an optional extra.


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