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Earth test kits for free from Megger!

Earth electrode test kitTo coincide with the popular and informative series of earth and loop testing seminars it is currently running around the UK, Megger is offering a three-wire earth electrode test kit free of charge to anyone who buys one of its latest MFT1730 multifunction installation testers.

This offer is available for a limited time and applies only to MFT1730 testers purchased as standalone instruments. The seminars cover key practical aspects of earth resistance and earth loop impedance testing. Further details, including details of dates, times and locations, can be found on the Megger website (

The earth electrode test kit that Megger is offering with MFT1730 testers is worth £45. It will enable users to take full advantage of the earth test functionality built into the MFT1730 to measure the resistance of earth electrodes, which is an increasingly common requirement in, for example, microgeneration and electric vehicle charging applications.

Megger MFT1730 multifunction testers offer exceptional versatility, convenience and value for money. In addition to all of the functions needed for testing electrical installations in line with the IET Wiring Regulations, they offer many other important features, including phase rotation indication and the ability to test three-phase RCDs, as well as the earth electrode test function.

They also have a clear and intuitive user interface, which makes them easy, fast and convenient to use, complemented by generous internal storage test results. Stored test results can be recalled to the display or downloaded via a wireless Bluetooth link to a laptop PC or even a smartphone, where preparation of test certificates is almost automatic with the aid of Megger’s Powersuite software, which is available as an option.

The free earth electrode test kit comprises two test spikes and three extended test leads. In conjunction with the MFT1730 itself, this provides everything needed for measuring the resistance of fixed earth electrodes using the dependable and well-proven three-terminal technique.

Megger’s offer of free earth electrode testing kits applies to MFT1730 testers purchased new, as standalone instruments, from authorised stockists until 31 December 2013. The offer does not apply to MFT1730 instruments purchased as part of an MFT1730 On-Site package, as these packages already include an earth electrode testing kit.

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