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SPG tests with Megger – one million times!

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MUK162One million PAT tests with Megger PAT4DV testers is the total recently attained by SPG Electrical Technotest, a specialist Scottish contractor that offers electrical testing services throughout the UK. 

The company purchased its first PAT4DV tester more than 16 years ago, soon after the model was introduced, and has since added a further three instruments of the same type to its testing armoury. Despite their busy lives, all of the testers are still fully functional and all are being used daily in high-volume testing applications.

“The instruments are very reliable, but the continued functioning of one of the testers is particularly surprising,” said Stephen Grimes, Managing Director of SPG Electrical Technotest, “as I ran it over with my BMW 7 Series, which must weigh getting on for 2 tonnes! I’d put it on the roof of the car while I was loading other kit into the boot and I forgot about it. As I drove off, it fell on the road and ended up under the wheels. The only damage was a cracked lid, which was easily replaced.”

SPG’s principal business is providing PAT testing services for a wide range of customers including, for example, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and many large industrial and commercial concerns. Its prime requirements from its PAT testing equipment are, therefore, reliability, ease and speed of use, and dependability of results.

“The PAT4DV, which we use in conjunction with Megger’s PowerSuite software, excels in all of these areas,” said Stephen Grimes, “but we’re particularly impressed by its speed and ease of use. In fact, if it were not so speedy in operation, we would never have been able to clock up a million tests in 16 years, even with four instruments in regular use!”

Megger’s PAT4DV tester is ideal for high volume, price sensitive testing applications as it combines fast starting and testing with the ability to upload test results and supporting information to a computer for easy record keeping and reporting. It has facilities for testing 110 V, 230 V and IT assets and is fully compatible with the latest IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

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