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Megger has more Business in a Box for contractors!

megger business boxMegger’s “Business in a Box”, which has already provided large numbers of electrical contractors with an easy and profitable entry into the potentially very lucrative PAT testing market, has now been enhanced and upgraded to include the company’s new PAT320 tester, which combines ease of use with rugged construction and durability.

Ready to use in automatic mode straight from the box, PAT320 testers feature full colour displays that show test data and results clearly and unambiguously, and clearly identified pushbuttons to initiate test sequences. A handy pass/fail mode with user-defined limits is also available, which makes routine testing particularly fast and straightforward.

In addition to the PAT tester, which is supplied complete with a full set of adaptors and leads, Megger’s new “Business in a Box” includes comprehensive guidance on PAT testing as well as a range of valuable marketing tools. Among these are guides to the types of customers that have a need for PAT testing, and hints on how to find such customers in the local area.

Sample publicity material, including template letters, flyers, posters, etc which contractors can easily customise to promote their own businesses, is also provided, along with a pad of PAT test certificates.

To help them get the best possible return on their investment, purchasers of the new Business in a Box have access to Megger’s free technical support line, where the company’s experts will be happy to provide advice and to answer questions on all aspects of PAT testing.

Contractors who would like to find out more about the new “Business in a Box” are invited to attend one of Megger’s Money Talks! events. Focussed on ways in which contractors can improve their income, these events are being held throughout the UK. Full details of dates and venues are on the Megger website ( under the Events tab.

Further benefits of the PAT320 tester included in the latest “Business in a Box” include a replaceable internal back-up battery that allows operating status to be retained for periods of up to five minutes when the tester is switched off. This is a big time saver, as users can unplug the tester and move around a site without having to go through a lengthy boot procedure every time.

In addition, Megger PAT320 testers allow bond testing to be carried out at 200 mA, 10 A and 25 A, and are continuously rated for all currents. This means that testing will never be held up because the tester has overheated, shut itself down, or switched to a reduced current operating mode. As well as the default automatic mode, the testers support manual testing, and they can be used with both 110 V and 230 V assets. They also offer facilities for testing plug-in RCDs.

For contractors seeking to increase their income, Megger’s new “Business in a Box” offers a complete and convenient solution at an exceptionally attractive price.


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