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Megger acquires SebaKMT

Global electrical test equipment expert Megger has acquired SebaKMT, a leader in power cable fault location and testing and in pipe leakage detection. The acquisition will allow Megger to greatly enhance its existing cable test product portfolio, elevating it to a world-leading position. SebaKMT will benefit from access to the exceptionally strong technical and financial resources of the Megger organisation.

Improved customer service
Following the acquisition, business will initially continue as usual for both organisations while a full evaluation is carried out of the exciting opportunities created for moving forward with product development and manufacturing operations, and for enhancing customer-facing sales and support services. Customers of both companies will for the foreseeable future, continue to obtain sales, service and support through the same channels they are currently using.

Outstandingly positive
“This acquisition is an outstandingly positive development for both companies and for their customers,” said Peter Frank, Chairman of Megger Group, “not least because there’s a high degree of synergy between the Megger and SebaKMT product ranges, but very little overlap. The new organisation will therefore, be able to offer a truly comprehensive family of power test products, backed by unmatched technical expertise and strong readily accessible customer support in virtually every country of the world.”

Empowering SebaKMT to strengthen its market position
Dr Max Iann, the former owner of SebaKMT said, “It was important for us to find a partner that would enable SebaKMT to continue to grow successfully, and to strengthen its market position. Megger is the perfect partner, as the companies ideally complement each other in terms of product range and geographical coverage.” Following the acquisition of SebaKMT, Dr Max Iann has joined the board of Megger Group Limited.

The Vivax-Metrotech Group, formerly part of SebaKMT, has not been acquired by Megger. However, the current sales co-operation in Europe and the United States between Vivax-Metrotech and SebaKMT will continue.

Increased manufacturing base
Megger has major development and manufacturing facilities in the UK, Sweden and the USA, and is already one of the world’s largest suppliers of test equipment for the electrical power sector. The acquisition of SebaKMT, which has its main development and manufacturing bases in Germany and the USA where it operates principally through its subsidiary HDW Electronics, will increase the turnover of the Megger Group substantially, and firmly establishes it as a pre-eminent provider of test solutions for the power industry.


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