Lewden’s Isolator Switch Range Is Perfect For Any Installation

lewden isolatorElectrical component experts, Lewden Palazzoli has launched a new Isolator Switch range to meet the needs of any electrical installation or environment and allows for quick and easy wiring connection.

The Isolator Switch range has a full rated AC3-AC23A category permitting safe operation even with highly inductive loads.   Manufactured from robust Techno polymer with IP65 and IK10 ratings, the unit is ideal for damp or harsh environments and the unit is slightly wider than standard enclosures making it easier for fast wiring connection.  The switch is lockable to ensure maximum security against unauthorised access.  The range comes in a variety of rated currents and 2, 3 and 4 pole options.

Lewden have also included a Fire Rated Isolator Switch in the range that is manufactured from aluminium alloy and incorporates a highly visible handle patented by Palazzoli that easily shows the status of the unit to non-electrical experts in the case of emergency.  The unit is AC3-AC23A rated to allow for safe operation even with highly inductive loads and has customisable entry flanges thanks to blind or threaded flanges from the Lewden’s Allupres range.
The Fire Rated switches are IP66/67/55 rated and also are robust with an impact standard of IK10.  The switches also conform to standards IEC/EN 60947-3, IEC/EN 60947-5-1 and EN 12101-3.  A variety of rated currents and pole options are also available.


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