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Vent-Axia Named As A Finalist In The Electrical Industry Awards

PoziDry ProLeading ventilation company Vent-Axia’s newly updated PoziDry Pro™ Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit has been named as a finalist at The Electrical Industry Awards 2018.

Putting resident comfort at its core, the PoziDry Pro™ has been shortlisted in the ‘Residential/Domestic Product of the Year’ category at the prestigious awards.

The Electrical Industry Awards celebrates excellence in the industry, benchmarking outstanding performance in the use, development and installation of electrical products in the past 12 months. The black-tie awards, attended by over 450 guests, will take place on 25th October 2018 at The Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London.

“We are delighted to have been shortlisted at these important industry awards and that the new and improved PoziDry Pro™ has been recognised in this arena” said Tom Wodcke, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia. “PoziDry Pro™ offers a highly effective solution to condensation and mould control, as well as new flexible controls that allow landlords to provide improved tenant comfort, reducing call backs.”

Designed specifically to tackle condensation and mould and improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in social housing properties, the next generation PoziDry Pro™ boasts new features to help landlords improve resident comfort levels: a tamper-proof lock mode to ensure consistent ventilation performance; selectable summer and winter comfort settings; and a new easy-to-install discreet diffuser. There is also an optional Radon mode that effectively helps protect residents from the harmful effects of radon.

If a ventilation unit is tampered with it will not deliver the air performance required, potentially leading to condensation and mould which could cause costly damage to the fabric of the building, as well as causing poor IAQ. Vent-Axia has therefore introduced a new interface so that it is lockable at installation, preventing residents from being able to change ventilation settings. Meanwhile, to improve thermal comfort for residents in high and low temperatures, Vent-Axia has added summer and winter comfort settings. This addition allows the installer to change the unit’s temperature-triggered boost and cut-off settings thus ensuring the unit automatically keeps homes at a comfortable temperature all-year-round as the thresholds can be adjusted to suit individual occupants.

Low profile and aesthetically pleasing, the new discreet diffuser with Smart Air™ technology has been designed with resident acceptability in mind. Secured by design its anti-tamper features prevent interference with the product’s performance. Meanwhile, Vent-Axia’s unique Smart Air™ technology has been designed to allow for maximum airflow with minimum noise.

Plus, the PoziDry Pro™ can now be commissioned to run in optional radon mode. This ensures the unit runs continuously to protect residents from harmful radon gases. PIV is a proven and effective way of significantly reducing radon gas levels as the air contaminated by radon is forced out by the introduction of fresh, filtered air into the property.

PoziDry Pro DiffuserBoasting quick and simple installation for contractors the PoziDry Pro™ is a highly energy efficient ventilation unit that is unobtrusive, near silent and helps provide a healthy environment for residents. Operating by drawing in fresh air via the loft, the PoziDry Pro™ filters all incoming air removing contaminants via the high grade G4 (PM10) or F7 (PM2.5) filters before gently introducing it into the habitable areas of the property. The diffuser directs the airflow upwards where the incoming air mixes with the warm air that gathers at ceiling height. The system provides fresh, tempered air that is drier than the inside air, this creates a healthy indoor environment helping to avoid condensation and mould, benefiting both the occupants and the structure of the building.

For landlords the PoziDry Pro™ offers the perfect solution for hard to cure condensation and mould properties by preventing moisture build-up within the home and improving IAQ. Boasting Smart Sense™ intelligent technology, the unit provides data via an intuitive interface to communicate the fan’s energy performance whilst its datalogger records a number of different factors including length of time spent on each speed. This helps to identify properties with high humidity as well as remaining filter life and energy consumption.

For contractors the PoziDry Pro™ features tried and tested Smart Sense™ technology making installation quick and simple thanks to a simple alpha numeric LED display which is clear and easy to read and a three-button menu for commissioning and data gathering. The unit is a lightweight easy one-man-lift and comes pre-attached with filters to further speed up installation. The PoziDry Pro™ features two mounting options as standard; multi-position mounting legs and a hanging kit to ensure an easy install first time.

PoziDry Pro™ offers reliable and effective ventilation with a 5-year warranty, protecting residents’ homes from condensation and mould and offering peace of mind for landlords.


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