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Megger Takes Cable Test Into The City

megger in the cityCable test vans in the new Megger Compact City range provide a fast, easy and convenient solution for single-phase testing, diagnosis and fault location on underground cables up to 33 kV.

The new test vans are an exceptionally useful tool for minimising network downtime and consumer minutes lost. In addition, thanks to their exceptionally compact design, they can be used conveniently in crowded inner city and residential areas, even where roads are narrow and access is restricted.

Megger Compact City cable test vans are equipped with the latest generation of non-destructive cable diagnostic instruments and feature an integrated PD coupler that can be used in all weather conditions. The vans are arranged for dual system operation, which means that the instruments can be operated from within the vehicle, or partially be removed from the vehicle and used independently in instances where this is more convenient. A plug-in HV connecting panel is provided for all operating modes and manual mode switching is complemented by integrated safety circuit monitoring.

The equipment provided in Compact City test vans is configured to suit the needs of individual users. Options available for the test and diagnostics module include the VLF CR 40 and VLF CR 60 systems, which test at 0.1 Hz using a cosine-rectangular waveform, and the TDM 4540 test set that additionally offers sine wave and damped AC (DAC) testing.

The Compact City is available in three main configurations: fault locating only, testing and diagnostics only, or a combined version with fault locating and testing and diagnostics.

For fault locating the chosen system is complemented by a high performance Teleflex SX time domain reflectometer. This provides features that include automatic adjustment of measuring range and automatic gain control, as well as automatic detection of the cable end and the fault location. ICE/decay, ARM® multishot and intermittent fault location (IFL) are among the supported operating modes.

All measurements made with the equipment on board Compact City test vans can be conveniently saved, analysed and archived using powerful MeggerBook Cable intelligent database software package which runs under Microsoft Windows. This versatile software includes easy-to-use search and mapping functions, and allows easy data export to external systems.

As well as the on-board test equipment, Compact City vehicles provide convenient accommodation for connecting cables, which are located on readily accessible reels at the rear of the vehicle. These cables can be supplied in a wide range of configurations to match the user’s exact requirements.


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