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Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon Svara Offers Electricians Peace of Mind

SvaraNo electrician wants to be called back to a fan installation because it’s too noisy, the settings aren’t at the right sensitivity or it’s not doing its job properly. With Vent-Axia’s Lo-Carbon Svara these worries are eliminated and electricians can recommend it with confidence and leave the customer in control.

The 6 in 1 Lo-Carbon Svara ticks all the right boxes for both electricians and households. This next generation, high quality unitary fan allows electricians to recommend the Svara to customers without fear of call backs or loss of reputation.

With a 5-year warranty backed up by easy installation and set up, the combination of quiet operation for a peaceful home, attractive design and low running costs to cut bills; this multi-function and multi-room fan is a popular choice. Combining condensation control to avoid mould with improved indoor air quality (IAQ) for a healthier home environment, households are sure to be happy. Add to this the ability to control the fan via a smartphone and any adjustments that are needed can be easily made by the homeowner, avoiding the need for the electrician to make a return call.

“Electricians can recommend the Lo-Carbon Svara with confidence. The Svara ensures a peaceful, healthy environment for households by improving IAQ and controlling condensation with the benefit of low running costs. Homeowners will also appreciate Svara’s versatility with the option to install in a variety of rooms making it quick and simple to install and suitable for a wide range of applications” said Tom Wodcke, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia. “The ground-breaking Svara puts households in complete control of their IAQ through an intuitive App unlocking a whole range of different functions and settings, such as silent scheduling and automatic cycles, offering flexible ventilation to suit a household’s lifestyle.”

After installation and set-up home owners have complete control of their IAQ through the intuitive App which can be downloaded on their smart phone and is designed to give them flexible options on how to run the fan. Giving home owners this control has the added benefit of removing the need for multiple returns to the property post installation should the fan not be set up quite to the householder’s liking as the home owner can simply log on to the App and change the setting themselves.

A healthy home environment with good IAQ is a key requirement for today’s switched on customer. Essential to this is the removal of steam created by showers and baths. Condensation control is a core to Svara’s design with the fan featuring a humidistat which reacts to sharp changes in humidity, for instance when someone is taking a shower. This helps control damaging humidity levels that can lead to condensation and mould and the associated health risks. When set to continuous running, once the humidity sensor is activated the fan runs at 30l/s until humidity returns to normal levels then the fan powers down to 10l/s.

Meanwhile, with noise a key issue for consumers, households will be impressed by Svara’s quiet running, operating at just 17 dB(A) on low trickle and with a number of functions that ensure quiet, disturbance free running. A clever light sensor recognises room occupancy through light movement and shadows, but can distinguish between car headlights flashes and people moving about to avoid nuisance running. A delay-on feature can also be set to avoid the fan being triggered in the night during quick bathroom visits. And a silent hours scheduling function allows users to deactivate the boost function on the Svara via the App, for example, this would prevent nuisance noise overnight. And this is all backed up by low running costs - at only 4W the energy efficient Svara also boasts low power consumption.

Electricians and households alike are keen for a simple, trouble-free fan installation that meets a home’s ventilation needs. The versatile Svara is programmed to cope with the vast majority of installations and can be fitted in either a bathroom or kitchen. It has multiple installation and commissioning options with installation and set-up made simple through the App allowing the choice of intermittent or continuous ventilation; whether the humidistat triggers operation or not; and whether the overrun timer is required. Suitable for ceiling, panel or wall mounting, the Svara only requires a two wire install, allowing replacement of a basic model fan without having to rewire.

Another advantage of the Svara that is sure to please electricians is that it has three speed modes meaning the required airflow can be achieved in nearly all situations. On its continuous setting, the default is a very quiet trickle, with a continuous flow of 10l/s; the second speed runs at 16l/s and is triggered by the light sensor; and the boost speed is 30l/s and is activated by the humidistat – this means under Part F it can be installed in either a bathroom or a kitchen.

With all these electrician and consumer friendly features, now is the ideal time for electricians to try out the Svara since they could be in with a chance to win a Smart TV when they purchase one. To have a chance of winning a Smart TV worth £600, electricians should simply purchase a Lo-Carbon Svara at their chosen wholesaler and then post the receipt to Vent-Axia or scan in the invoice and enter at www.vent-axia.com/winatv. Vent-Axia will then enter them into the draw. The competition and invoice period runs until 31st July 2018 – but entries can be submitted until 3rd August 2018.


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