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Double Under Voltage Monitoring Relay for Hazardous Environments From Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi DUB72Carlo Gavazzi launches the DUB72 double under voltage relay for Class 1 Division 2 applications according to ANSI/ISA12.12.1 Norm for potentially explosive environments.

The user can set two independent dials, one for each of the 2 thresholds, measuring the level of its power supply. One of the thresholds, the one associated with output 1, can be used as a pre-alarm signal; the other is associated with a high-power 20A-rated relay which can be used to drive the load directly and features a low-profile DIN housing suitable for installation into electric distribution panels as well as industrial cabinets.

Thanks to the high powered electromechanical 20 A relay, the second threshold / relay can be used to directly disconnect the battery or load. The two relay outputs, can be associated to one of the set thresholds, can be used to drive different types of loads: the 3A can be used to send a signal to a PLC while the 20A, thanks to its high capacity, could directly drive the load.

A green/red LED provides a visual indication of the alarm status. The number of RED blinks indicates the triggered alarm type. The PCB tropicalisation increases operational reliability also in humid and dusty environments.

As the DUB72 complies with the hazardous location installation norm, it is suitable for 24V-battery-voltage level monitoring, or any other DC voltage within the operating range of 16vdc to 26 v dc, in any environment including Class 1, Division 2 of potentially explosive environments. It is suitable for applications where it is necessary to monitor the battery charge level in Oil & Gas installations or agricultural industry.


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