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Megger's High-current Test Set Is Smallest In Its Class

Megger SPI225Weighing just 20 kg and featuring compact yet rugged construction, the new SPI225 smart primary injection test set from Megger can generate fully regulated test currents of up to 2,000 A.

The unit, which is the smallest and most portable in its class, is ideally suited for all forms of high current testing required in substations, including testing overcurrent relays, circuit breakers, motor overloads and current transformers.

The SPI system is the first high current test set to allow the user to type in a predetermined current with the system then generating and regulating the requested high current without preheating the test sample. The instrument achieves this by simply pulsing the output at high currents.

Megger’s new instrument also has the unique ability to turn on at the current zero crossing every time and for any load by automatically adjusting the output-firing angle. This eliminates DC offset for every circuit breaker type.

Another key benefit of the SPI system is the simplified touch screen input. This feature eliminates the confusing menu of other primary injection and circuit breaker test systems. The touch screen makes the Smart Touch View Interface (STVI) simple to work with, even for technicians with little experience to use.

The STVI allows users to manually control the unit and also to perform automated testing. In addition, automated testing can be easily done by using a PC connected to the instrument.

With safety in mind, the designers of the test set have incorporated a circuit breaker and overload protective devices, as well as temperature sensors preventing overheating. And, as an additional safety feature, an emergency stop pushbutton is provided to instantly de-energize all input power to the test set.

This test set is built for years of trouble-free, reliable operation. It features rugged instrumentation and controls designed to withstand the vibration and shock of frequent transportation.

The software supplied with the SPI225 is specifically designed for the testing of circuit breakers, current transformers and other substation equipment. In order to simplify testing, the software is pre-loaded with thousands of circuit breaker curves help the user verify if the circuit breaker under test is operating correctly.

Since the SPI software has the curves preloaded, the user can readily test all breaker parameters such as: long and short time pick up, long and short time timing, instantaneous pick up, ground fault pick up, ground fault timing. The software also includes comprehensive report generation facilities for all testing.


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