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Fast Results For Oil Tan Delta From Megger

megger otdMegger’s new OTD test set, which measures dissipation factor (Tan Delta) of insulating oils and fluids has been designed for increasing productivity in oil test facilities.

With features that include induction heating and forced cooling for the oil sample, and an oil drain to allow the test vessel to be emptied in situ, the OTD has been designed from the outset to deliver accurate and dependable results in the minimum time possible. This makes it an ideal choice for use in busy laboratories and mobile test facilities where time is at a premium.

Featuring a bright 3.5-inch colour display, a simple keypad and an intuitive user interface, Megger’s new OTD test set is easy and convenient to use. It can measure dissipation factor in the range 1 x 10-6 to 4 with high accuracy, and also offers facilities for measuring DC specific resistivity from 2.5 MΩm to 100 TΩm, as well as relative permittivity from 1 to 30.

The test voltage range is 500 V to 2,000 V AC and 125 V to 500 V DC. The quasi-square wave required for IEC 61620 is fixed at 100 V. Thanks to the integrated high precision test cell induction heater and efficient forced cooling system, the time required to carry out tests is kept to a minimum. The instrument has a temperature measuring range of 10 to 110 ºC, with an accuracy of ± 1 ºC.

As with all Megger instruments, the new OTD test sets have been designed with user safety firmly in mind. They incorporate dual redundant high voltage cut-off circuitry, and tests can be terminated at any time by pressing any key on the keypad, which will instantly shut down the high voltage supply.

To further aid productivity and user convenience, OTD test sets are supplied with sixteen standard test sequences pre-installed. The instrument can also store up to 6 additional user-defined custom test sequences.

Test results are identified by asset ID, which is entered via the instrument’s keypad, and are automatically time and date stamped. To facilitate the organisation, analysis and archiving of test results, a copy of PowerDB Lite, Megger’s powerful and versatile asset and data management software, is bundled with the instruments at no extra cost.

Megger OTD oil dissipation factor test sets include an internal printer, which provides a permanent record of results in the form of an ink-based printout that is unaffected by heat.


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