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Celebrate And Save With Megger

Megger mft1721 offerTo celebrate the success of the new models in its popular MFT1700 range of multifunction installation testers, Megger is offering an attractive money-saving deal.

For a limited time, anyone buying a MFT1721 multifunction tester will also receive completely free of charge, one of Megger’s latest TPT320 two-pole testers, worth £79.

“We were delighted when our MFT1700 testers were recently recognised as Innovative Test & Measurement Products of the year by a panel of independent judges,” said Simon Wood, UK Wholesale & Distribution Sales Manager at Megger, “so we decided to mark the occasion by making this special offer.  The offer makes it even more attractive for contractors to invest in a modern MFT that will save them a lot of time and money, as well as providing them with valuable extra functionality.”

The MFT1721 multifunction tester included in the offer provides all of the facilities needed for testing low-voltage single-phase installations in line with the IET Wiring Regulations as well as features needed for working on three-phase systems. It can check phase sequence, evaluate prospective short-circuit current up to 20 kA, perform phase-to-phase loop testing at 415 V, and test three-phase RCDs even when no neutral connection is available.

The MFT1721 also has a timesaving automatic RCD test facility, and can test RCDs with sensitivity ratings between 10 mA and 1 A, including programmable types. In addition, it provides three options for loop testing – two-wire no trip, three-wire no trip and high current – which means that the fastest and most convenient method can be used in every situation.

The TPT320 two-pole testers included free of charge in the offer are an ideal complement for the MFT1721 tester. Compact and fast to use for simple tasks like measuring voltages and checking continuity, TPT320 testers are also well suited to proving circuits are dead, as they make connections to the circuit under test with an integral probe and a permanently connected test lead. This means that there is no risk of an accidentally unplugged test lead producing misleading and potentially dangerous results.

TPT320 two-pole testers not only have a CAT IV 600 V safety rating in line with EN 61010-1:2010, they also comply fully with the EN 61243-3:2010 standard that specifically covers the safety of two-pole voltage testers.


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