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Megger Manufactures In Dover – For Fifty Years!

megger openingMegger, founded in 1888 and indisputably one of the world’s longest established and most successful manufacturers of portable electrical test equipment, has reached another major milestone in its long and illustrious history – fifty years of manufacturing excellence in Dover.

In November 1966, Megger moved its operations from various sites in London to spacious, purpose-built premises in Dover. These premises remain one of its key manufacturing hubs, producing multifunction testers, insulation testers and other low-voltage test equipment that is sold not only in the UK but also in almost every country of the world.

The Dover site is also home to Megger’s low-voltage equipment development team, its calibration and safety testing laboratories, and the central administrative facilities for the company’s worldwide operations.

megger site“In the fifty years we’ve been in Dover, we’ve seen big changes, not least the move from analogue instruments that were recognisably similar to those we were making more than a century ago to digital types that offer performance, convenience and value we could only dream of in the analogue days,” said Simon Wood of Megger.

“One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is our commitment to manufacturing in Britain. This has been one of the foundation stones of our success since our business started all those years ago, and we still firmly believe that UK manufacturing gives us an important competitive edge. At our Dover site, we are continuing to invest in the latest and best manufacturing technology, and we are looking forward with confidence to our next 50 years here!”

To cope with the company's fast growing business, Megger’s factory and administrative centre was built between 1963 and 1966 on a six-acre site that had previously been occupied by military buildings. The new factory was officially opened by Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten of Burma on 24th October 1966, with full-scale manufacturing on the site starting in November of that year.


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