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Lewden Launch New RCD Sockets

LewdenRCDSocketLewden Palazzoli have launched a new range of RCD Switch Interlocked Sockets specifically designed for safety, reliability and durability making them ideal for industrial environments.

Available in 16A, 32A and 63A, the units have ingress protection to IP66/IP67 and incorporate a mechanical interlock mechanism via a main switch with a transparent window which prevents the switch being turned ‘ON’ until the plug is fully inserted. The plug cannot be withdrawn until the switch is turned to the ‘OFF’ position. The switch can be padlocked in both ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ positions. Units are supplied with RCD (for earth fault protection) with sensitivity of 30MA as standard (plus other options) and an AC3/AC23A isolator switch for inductive loads. For increase accessibility, all windowed enclosures have hinged fronts that can provide entry from either right or left.

The modularity of Lewden’s RCD Switched Interlocked Sockets means that numerous circuits can be created with the minimum components, combining industrial, interlocked and civil sockets, including data transmissions. The component options are enclosure back box, socket outlet and flange plate. Over 80 popular configurations are available from stock, pre-assembled off site so the only work required on site is the connection of the components, thus greatly reducing installation time and costs whilst cutting down on waste.   

The interlocked sockets incorporate rear panel isolator switches AC3-AC23A, which guarantees load break disconnect at nominal current, insulation in off position and 10,000 switching cycles at full load. All industrial sockets can be equipped with additional micro switch contacts that allow a remote signalling of plug insertion.

Sockets are manufactured from solid brass, whilst the bodies are engineered using high impact, self-extinguishing, durable and stable engineering plastics with corrosion resistant external screws and springs. The RCD Switched Interlocked Sockets have been created to meet the requirements of IEC 61439 and are supplied pre-wired and tested, all complete with RCD 30mA 2pole AC Class (4pole on 5 pin versions). A 100mA version is also available.

All Lewden materials are tested and approved to exceed their glow-wire requirements for current carrying and non-current carrying elements and are also resistant to chemical reaction, including mineral, oil, acid, petrol and saline. Lewden products are also suitable for use in extremes of temperature from -25 C to +50 C. Lewden is committed to excellence in the design, manufacture, sales and customer care for all of its products.


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