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Lewden Switched Sockets for Maximum Safety and Reliability

LewdenSwitchedSocketsLewden has established an enviable reputation as experts in the manufacture and supply of switched sockets, all of which are designed for maximum safety, reliability, durability and ease of installation.  

Lewden’s switched and mechanically interlocked sockets combine a padlockable rotary isolation switch with a receptacle, in one compact unit.  A mechanical interlock prevents making or breaking of the electrical circuit under load conditions by not allowing the isolator to be switched on until a mating plug has been fully inserted, nor the plug withdrawn until the isolator has been switched off.

Lewden’s switched sockets are available in a variety of ranges including topTER, TAIS, Prima, Ulysse and Alupres, with the company constantly adding new customer driven designs to its existing product portfolio.

All ranges are in compliance with IEC/EN standards.


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