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Raychem's HWAT – The Safe, Cost Effective Tool In The Fight Against Legionella

Hot water tapPentair’s Raychem HWAT systems are the intelligent and safe way to supply instant hot water at the tap.

Its single pipe direct hot water service, incorporating smart self-regulating heating cable technology, provides a proven, creative, and precise method of delivering constant hot water temperature, throughout an entire network. It eliminates the need to recirculate and eradicates dead legs. Pipes are traced to the pipe end delivering the correct temperature hot water at every draw-off point.

The inherent safety benefit is obvious; with no dead legs, there are no untraced pipes where water temperatures can drop to near 37°C – legionella’s ‘ideal temperature’. Additionally, pipework networks are reduced in length (as there is no need for recirculating pipes), space is saved for other utilities or services (or even for the installation of larger insulation on hot water pipework which in turn saves energy by preventing heat loss). Boiler sizing can be recalculated and often reduced as there is no need to re-heat the incoming “return” water. As you can imagine, the overall system energy efficiency is significantly increased, there are lower heat losses through short pipe runs, continuous flow pumps are not needed and optimal boiler sizing reduces energy consumption.

The combination of Raychem’s HWAT-R heating cable with the HWAT-ECO controller offers the benefit of selecting a desired temperature and increasing the temperature over a time for legionella prevention. As such, the HWAT-ECO controller can be programmed for a Legionella prevention cycle.


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