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New MK Electric Survey Shows the Importance of Charging Switchsockets for Every Generation

Our mobile devices are more important to us than ever before. Recently, the number of mobile subscriptions surpassed the world’s population (Ericsson1).

But as we all know, keeping enough charge to get through the day is a constant struggle. Emails, messages, games, maps, online shopping, and other apps are a constant drain on our devices. So why are charging points always so hard to find?

A new YouGov survey, commissioned by MK Electric, has revealed that more than 60 per cent of us would be willing to be close to a horrible noise, like a baby crying, just to charge our devices. But despite this we never charge our phones in public – especially among the older generation. Businesses simply are not providing the charging points consumers need to stay charged up.

Nadine Deery, retail channel marketing manager at MK Electric, says:

“Businesses are missing a trick by not offering charging points to their customers. The need for charge is clear for everyone - it’s not just millennials that need to be switched on at all times! But people aren’t charging their phone in public because the option simply isn’t widely available. For the older generation in particular, it’s easier to plan ahead and charge your device at home, rather than relying on businesses to provide a charging point. By offering consumers a place to recharge devices, businesses can differentiate themselves from the competition and encourage consumers of all ages to spend more time on their premises and by default on their product and services. USB charging switchsockets provide the best solution, because they offer optimal and efficient charging technology. This technology ensures that whatever make or model customers are charging, the device draws current from the USB charging switchsocket in the way that best suits its design. These switchsockets are also easy to retrofit, making them ideal for every size of business.”

MK Electric/YouGov Survey 2016
•    Conducted in April 2016, polling 2018 adults for Great Britain
•    Key findings:
o    57 per cent of people never charge our phone in public – rising to 75 per cent for those aged 55 and over
o    63 per cent would be willing to be close to a horrible noise, like a baby crying or building works, just to charge their devices
o    26 per cent would be willing to be uncomfortable for 15-30 minutes to charge their devices

Note 1: Ericsson  Mobility Report - ON THE PULSE OF THE NETWORKED SOCIETY

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