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New FLIR TG167 Spot Thermal Camera is Optimized for Targets in a Narrow Field of View

FLIR TG167 spot thermal cameraRecently, FLIR announced its newest addition to the TG series. The TG167 spot thermal camera bridges the gap between single-spot IR thermometers and FLIR’s legendary thermal cameras.

Like the TG165 before it, the TG167 is equipped with FLIR’s exclusive Lepton® micro thermal camera, allowing users to see the heat to make it easy to target potential problems.

Key Features:

-    Fast Electrical Troubleshooting: Instantly see what’s hot and where to aim
-    Grab and Go Simplicity: Intuitive to operate with no special training

-    Rugged and Reliable: Compact and durable to easily stow in a crowded tool bag

The TG167 has a narrow field of view (25 degrees horizontal), compared to the TG165’s wider field of view (50 degrees horizontal). This means that the TG167 is more useful for indoor electrical inspections because it gives users quality image detail. Use the TG167 to look for hotspots in electrical cabinets, switch boxes, and more. Both versions allow you to store images and download data so that you can document your findings in a report.

To learn more about the FLIR TG167, visit: www.flir.com/TG167


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