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The IET Power Networks Course

IET Power NetworksThe era of traditional centralised power grids needs to evolve as a result of increasing levels of renewable generation and changing patterns of demand which will come about from the electrification of heat and transport.

You will already have a good grasp of your role at work in the energy sector but do you have sufficient understanding of the big picture and how future power networks need to respond to the disruptive changes ahead?

This two-day course will give you the insight to meet those challenges head-on by designing power networks that are operationally smart whether large or micro in size.

It is aimed at those working in the power industry who are competent engineers but need to gain a good understanding of what disruptive obstacles lie ahead and how to design and plan in order to deliver effective power systems.

Join the IET on 28 - 29 October 2015 in Birmingham and benefit from expert knowledge at this informative course.


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