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Protect New Buildings From Methane And Carbon Dioxide Gases

Methane and carbon dioxide leaking from the ground can accumulate in buildings and lead to explosions, asphyxiation or poisoning.

BS 8485, Code of practice for the design of protective measures for methane and carbon dioxide ground gases for new buildings helps you to stop that happening, with guidance on investigating sites and identifying design solutions to protect new buildings.

BS 8485 has now been revised and expanded, and the new edition includes:
•    Clearer guidance on interpreting gas monitoring data and selecting membranes
•    Changes to gas protection scores
•    Worked examples for a range of conditions and building types
•    Flow charts to guide the user
•    Annexes on radon and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

BS 8485:2015 will be indispensable for builders, developers, architects and engineers; manufacturers, regulators and local authorities; environmental health officers and building control officers.

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