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Find Voltages Fast with Megger’s Pen-style Detector

VF3 voltage detectorPortable test equipment specialist Megger has launched a new AC voltage detector to complement its extensive range of products for use on domestic, commercial and industrial electrical installations.

The VF3 voltage detector is a compact, pen-style instrument able to identify the presence of AC voltages from 90 to 600 V at 50 or 60 Hz, without the need to make any direct electrical connection.

As a bonus feature, Megger’s VF3 has an ultra-bright LED torch built in. Furthermore, its IP65 ingress protection makes it safe to use outdoors or in damp environments.

The unique design of the VF3, which has been carefully optimised to provide reliable fault detection without generating false alerts, enables voltage detection in applications where other single pole testers may not work or may give misleading results. 

Equipped with a powerful red voltage indicator tip that lights brightly when voltage is detected, the VF3 also incorporates a buzzer that provides a clear audible indication of the presence of voltage.

The VF3 is typically used to detect AC voltage at socket outlets, switches, circuit breakers, fuses, luminaires, wires and cables. It can also be used to find breaks in conductors by tracing along the cable from the source where the indicator no longer illuminates, as well as to identify blown fuses in a circuit.

The instrument is ideal for electrical contractors undertaking all types of domestic, commercial or industrial work as it has an outstanding Category IV 600 V safety rating.

Weighing only 48g, the VF3 is small (178mm x 27mm) and easy to carry thanks to its handy pocket clip. It is powered by two inexpensive and universally available AAA batteries and boasts long battery life, even when used with its ultra-bright LED torch.

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