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BS EN 61082-1 Preparation of Documents Used in Electrotechnology Released

BS EN 61082-1 Part 1: Rules 2015, now published in its third edition, is the latest version of a long-established industry standard for the production of electrotechnical documentation

Running to over 100 pages, it contains comprehensive guidance on all aspects of the process of producing electrical documents and plans. It has found universal application, from site plans and schematics, to power grids and single junction boxes. It is fully applicable to all system power levels from power supply networks to process signals.

Who is the code for?

BS EN 61082-1:2015 will be invaluable both to those wishing to produce their own documents or those involved in the design of software designed to automate the process, such as CAD systems. Specifically:

-       technical authors

-       equipment designers and

-       marketing executives.

What does it cover?

BS EN 61082-1:2015 forms a comprehensive guide. The vast range of aspects covered in this important standard include:

-       format selection

-       paper sizes

-       numbering systems to viewing angles

-       document grids to notations

-       numbering systems

-       use of ‘hyperlinks’

-       use of symbols

-       location, item, connection and signal designation systems

-       function, circuit, and connection diagrams

-       pictorial representations

 How does BS EN 61082-1:2015 differ from the 2006 version?

 The fully revised 2015 edition now includes:

-      improved terminal designations

-       more guidance in the use of ‘inset tables’

-       changes to the representation of supply circuits

-       updated references and generally improved text.


Get your own copy of BS EN 61082-1:2015 here


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