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ELLIS Shows The Way With Cable Guide Clamp

Cable Guide ClampWorld leading cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis has launched the world’s first two-in-one cable guide and clamp, which has been designed specifically to assist in the installation and subsequent restraint of high voltage (HV) cables.

Initially designed for an offshore project for Siemens, the Cable Guide Clamp has now been developed by Ellis into a full range suitable for use with large diameter cables.

Richard Shaw, managing director of Ellis, said: “Two major factors in our on-going success have been our ability to innovate and the tried and trusted nature of our products.”

“This though was the first time a customer has come to us with a new product requirement during a live project situation – something that clearly demonstrates the level of trust the market has in us to deliver, even when under immense pressure.”

The challenge set to the Ellis team, which had previously developed a roller-system for the installation of HV cables in power tunnels, was to develop a solution that would feed, and then restrain, seven 117mm diameter cables along a specified route within a fabricated structure, which featured a significant number of twists and turns.

The Cable Guide Clamp achieves this in two stages. Firstly, cables are guided by it into their final location, while trumpeted entry and exit points ensure the cable is not damaged when fed through particularly sharp angled turns. Once the cable is laid correctly, the top half of the guide is removed, a fixing piece installed directly onto the cable and the top half re-secured, thus turning it into a fully-functioning HV cable clamp.

“To come through this challenge with Siemens’ problem solved; a major specification secured; and an entirely new product range ready to launch is a clear demonstration of the expertise and technical know-how Ellis is able to bring to any project – something that really does make us stand out from the opposition,” added Richard.

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