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Greater Functionality at an All-Time Low Price from FLIR

FLIR E8 thermal imaging cameraThe functionality of the FLIR E8 thermal imaging camera gets better and better.  The latest addition is manual level and span thermal tuning that gives the user flexible control over the brightness and contrast of the target image.  

This makes it easier to see more subtle temperature differences and define detail.

This new feature complements multi-spectral imaging that is now standard on the FLIR E8 and which continues to drive demand for this model.  It provides exceptional imaging quality by extracting outline detail from the on-board visual camera and blending it with the thermal profile.  

Its effect is particularly striking on the high resolution, 320 x 240 pixels images produced by the FLIR E8.  The combination of MSX and thermal tuning makes this model highly attractive and for a limited period only there’s another incentive too.  Until the close of the year the FLIR E8 is available for £3,035 excluding VAT.

Discover more details of the special promotion at:  http://www.flir.co.uk/instruments/display/?id=63927

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