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Pentair Installs UK Designed Frost Protection Project at the British Embassy in Prague

British Embassy in PraguePentair Thermal Building Solutions has recently completed a turnkey frost protection project for the British Embassy in Prague.

The Embassy, needed particular care to protect its roof gutters from freezing for both safety reasons as well as preventing damage to the buildings fabric, which would be extremely difficult to replace.

Pentair worked very quickly to create a proposal that would fit the technical requirement as well as the challenging site conditions – i.e. high security due to the Embassy status; intermittent periods of access; difficult access conditions including work from scaffold and sometimes rope-access etc.

Designed by the Pentair team in CZ and drawing on the considerable listed building experience of the company’s International team during the sales and execution phase, the project was completed on time, within budget and with minimum disruption to the happy customer. The installation utilised Raychem FroStop trace heating cables, specifically designed for snow melting and de-icing applications, together with an EMDR-10 controller and SBS power distribution panels.

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