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New Megger Kit Tests Installations Safely and Efficiently

Megger Test KitTo make it even easier for contractors to test domestic and commercial electrical installations safely and efficiently, portable test equipment expert Megger is now offering a kit comprising a multifunction installation tester from its highly successful MFT1700 range partnered with one of the company’s newly launched TPT320 two-pole testers.

Designed from the outset with safety and convenience in mind, the MFT1720 tester provides comprehensive and easily accessed facilities for testing electrical installations in line with the 17th Edition of the IET Wiring Regulations. The MFT1720 are extensively protected against damage if they are accidentally connected to a live supply when a dead circuit test is selected, and this protection is effective even if the test has been locked on.

Other key benefits of MFT instruments include lightweight yet robust IP54 construction, large backlit display panels and timesaving features like two-wire non-trip loop testing, auto-start continuity testing and optional pass/fail RCD testing.
The TPT320 two-pole testers included in the kits are an ideal complement for the MFT1720 testers. Compact and fast to use for simple tasks like measuring voltages and checking continuity, they are also very well suited to proving circuits are dead, as they make connections to the circuit under test with an integral probe and a permanently connected test lead. This means that there is no risk of an accidentally unplugged test lead producing misleading and potentially dangerous results.

The MFT1720 offers insulation testing at 1 kV, continuity testing at 15 mA, an extensive range of RCD tests including automatic RCD testing, and maximum Zs and R1 + R2 display for circuit verification. The MFT1720 also has a phase rotation feature, and facilities for testing three-phase RCDs. In addition, this keenly priced instrument has provision for measuring voltage, frequency and, when used with a suitable probe, temperature.

The kit includes a TPT320 two-pole tester, which has both an LED display and an LCD panel. The LED display provides an instant at-a-glance indication of voltage in six steps, plus, in the case of DC voltages, polarity, while the LCD panel provides a three-digit readout of the voltage being checked.

The tester also incorporates two red LEDs that light when it is connected to voltages high enough to present a shock hazard, and this feature remains fully functional even if the tester’s batteries are missing or completely discharged

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