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New Fluke 1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester Performs all Essential Lamp Tests in less than 30 Seconds

Fluke 1000FLT TesterFluke, the world leader in compact professional test tools, has introduced a fluorescent light tester which eliminates the guesswork of maintaining fluorescent lamps by performing all the essential tests in less than 30 seconds: lamp tester, ballast tester, non-contact voltage detector, pin continuity tester, and ballast discriminator.

5-in-1 tester cuts maintenance costs by eliminating trial and error

The new Fluke 1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester eliminates trial, error, and rework, and reduces the time that maintenance teams spend fixing lights.

The tester comes with a rugged, metal test rod that extends up to 79cm to eliminate the need to climb a ladder for some tests. The tube and ballast can be tested without removal from the fixture, while the non-contact voltage capability can be used easily to check for the presence of voltage. Pin continuity testing immediately checks the integrity of filaments. Positive results are clearly indicated by bright indicator lights and an audible signal.

The point-and-shoot ballast discriminator in the Fluke 1000FLT speeds the replacement of old magnetic ballasts with new energy-efficient electronic models by quickly identifying exactly what type of ballast is in the fixture. There is no need to remove the tubes or to make contact with live circuitry. Simply point the 1000FLT fluorescent light tester at the glowing lamp and determine the ballast type.

The Fluke 1000FLT comes with a belt-style holster, so the tester is always within easy reach, and is protected by a three-year warranty.

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