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Hazardous Areas – Are yours Protected?

Hazardous AreaMany industries, such as petrochemical, oil & gas and food & beverage, face the ongoing challenge of protecting people and property from the risk presented by potentially explosive atmospheres.

A lightning strike up to 1km away from a building can cause damage to the electronic systems within it including computers, telecommunications, CCTV or building management systems.

Loss of such key systems, even temporarily, can have lasting and costly consequences - corrupted data, unnecessary downtime, wasted staff time, health & safety problems and damaged reputation. Yet many organisations leave the electronic systems on which they depend entirely unprotected.

The risk from lightning significantly increases the chance of igniting flammable gases, powders and dust, both through a direct strike and the risk of partial lightning current entering the hazardous area via incoming / outgoing services. Buildings with hazardous areas should therefore be protected to BS EN 62305 Protection against Lightning to ensure risks such as fire are prevented, in-line with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) best practice. BS EN 62305 requires the use of surge protective devices (SPDs) as a core part of lightning protection.

At Furse, we have spent over 100 years developing our expertise and technical knowledge in order to provide the best lightning protection products and services available. From our own designed and manufactured products to systems design advice through to on-site supervision and testing and commissioning, Furse can provide a total solution to an organisation’s lightning protection needs.

Furse offers a range of support and advice, including a short introductory presentation about transient overvoltages and the current standards, site surveys/risk assessment with written recommendations and costs and CPD-accredited regional seminars.

To book your site survey or for further information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 0115 964 3700.

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