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Safety On Ice

Mackwell ICEICE is a sustained emergency lighting solution that has been developed by Mackwell in order to address the needs of OEM’s.

With the wholesale adoption of LED luminaires, the challenge to adapt fittings to function in an emergency is ever more important. Mackwell’s solution, ICE uses six high-performance LEDs, delivering up to 180 lumens, with an integrated LED status indicator and test switch.

ICE is perfectly suited for multiple fittings; it can be utilised with either new or retrofit luminaires, importantly, providing a single product option. Applications include recessed and bulkhead amenity lighting.

ICE has been designed with simplicity of installation in mind; it can be simply surface mounted or if preferred, recessed into the luminaire.

Mackwell’s high tech LED driver and battery combinations are included with ICE, providing options for automatic self-testing (Mackwell AutoTest). The module is also compatible with N-light – Mackwell’s DALI-based monitoring system for emergency lighting.

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