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Tridonic Launch EM Converter LED

EM converterLEDTridonic’s new EM converterLED product range provides easily implemented, emergency light functionality, with local battery supply for standard LED modules.

The emergency light drivers feature reliable 3-pole technology that is compatable with most of the LED control units on the market today.  Thanks to power control, the maximum output for specified operating duration is always achieved in emergency light operation.

By offering a three-part EM converterLED product range, consisting of EM converterLED BASIC, EM converterLED SELFTEST and EM converterLED PRO DALI, Tridonic provides a clearly structured portfolio with a high level of flexibility. EM converterLED BASIC features fundamental emergency light functions with an attractive price-performance ratio. The function and duration tests are carried out manually, whereby the function test must be implemented monthly and the duration test once a year.

EM converterLED SELFTEST features self-test functions for emergency lighting installations via an indicator LED positioned visibly on the luminaire housing that display the test results. Integrated, automatic test routines in the emergency light unit comply with international standards for emergency light operation.

EM converterLED PRO DALI represents the high-end solution, with tests that can be individually set via DALI x/e touchPANEL or other DALI-compatible components for each device. The test results are either displayed with an indicator LED on the luminaire housing or documented centrally, e.g. on the DALI x/e touchPANEL. All three versions have SELV classification.

These emergency light drivers are compatible with all standard dimmable and non-dimmable constant current converters on the market and, thanks to integrated power control, always ensure maximum output for the specified rated operating duration (1 – 3 hours). The power control function also enables many different combinations of LED converters and modules.

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