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Timeguard Provides The Safe Option For Outdoor Power

Timeguard VisionWhen it comes to choosing which outdoor power accessories to recommend to your customer, the over-arching consideration has to be safety:

•    is it safe to use in all weathers?
•     will it stay safe?
•     is its design practical so the property owner or occupier will use it safely?
•     how do I know all this?

Here are Timeguard’s  answers to these key questions:  

Timeguard Vision with rcdIs it safe to use in all weathers?
IP ratings tell you what a design has been tested for. As a general rule, look for IP55 as a minimum for  outdoor sockets for use by the general public and homeowners, allowing for the British weather .  Modern production techniques mean there are no excuses for manufacturers to compromise or for superior  levels of protection to be over-expensive – and IP66 protection is increasingly common.

IP (or "Ingress Protection") ratings are defined in international standard EN 60529 (British BS EN 60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989). The first number after the letters IP indicates the degree of protection (of people) from moving parts, as well as the protection of enclosed equipment from foreign bodies. The second defines the level of protection from  moisture (drips, spays, submersion etc).

Thus, IP 66 indicates that an enclosure is totally dust tight and is protected against strong water jets and waves.  

Will it stay safe?
The best indication of quality is how long the manufacturer is prepared to guarantee the product for. Dealing with returns is expensive and so, if they offer to do so for more than the legal minimum period, you can be sure they know that failures will be as rare as hen’s teeth.

At Timeguard, we offer extended three-year warranty on sockets that have been designed and are assembled in the UK.  Our patented seals ensure that they can stay completely weatherproof;  our production and component  sourcing standards mean they will last for years of normal use.

Will it be used safely?
Here you need to look for practical design. Is the housing built to accommodate plugs and sockets? The design of Timeguard Weathersafe accessories caters for the long ’tails’ of today’s moulded-on plugs and the lids are easy to click open and shut without the use of force, which all adds to long life and reliability. Where big, bulky transformers are going to be used outdoors, weatherproof connector boxes provide a safe solution.

Is the housing easy to open and close? After all, IP ratings only apply to the closed unit – leave it open and you have no protection.  Timeguard catches click open and snap safely shut (with a reassuring click) with no special effort .  In contrast, some cheap  and cheerful products that have been tested in the Timeguard  UK design lab needed to be prised open with screwdrivers, compromising their weatherproofing forever!

Timeguard Vision with NeonHow do you know what is happening inside? By including the option of outdoor sockets with clear windows, Timeguard lets people see if the power is on or not without even having to open the box.  Being able to see when the power is on or not, with the additional help of neon indicator lights, also helps to ensure that outdoor equipment and devices are not left on when not needed. For extra assurance of energy economy and safety, there are also outdoor sockets with integral time switches.

How do I know all this?
Obviously trusted branding is important, and the manufacturer’s confidence in guaranteeing the products speaks volumes. Timeguard has gone a step further and made sure that all the information you need to show your customer before installation, and to help you do the job, is clearly illustrated and described on the box.

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